Black start or another reason why leadership is hard

I recently remembered a conversation with a good friend of mine. More specifically, her use of a rather arcane electrical engineering term, ‘black start capability’ to refer to a set of attributes that made some leaders stand out from the rest. In her opinion, very few leaders actually have a ‘black start capability’ and this … Read more

Complacency, the gatekeeper of poor leadership

There is one sentence that’s always guaranteed to annoy me in the context of leadership it is “We’ve always been good!”. This sentence encapsulates poor leadership in so many different ways. It can also be condensed into a single word … complacency. Complacency in all its forms is often the gatekeeper of poor leadership. What … Read more

Want to become a great leader? Unleash your curiosity!

During the many conversations, I’ve had about leadership over the past few years. An interesting theme cropped up many times amongst senior leaders within my organisations. It is best summarized as “Why do people always expect more help on this topic, when large quantities of information are available online about it.” I’ve previously explained that … Read more