Speaking with Impact Webinar Tomorrow

I am delighted to be presenting a webinar for the Nuclear Institute tomorrow entitled ‘Speaking with Impact’. It is always a pleasure for me to do anything relating to the industry where I learnt a lot about leadership and made some cool memories like walking atop working Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactors.

Here is why you should attend this webinar and why speaking with impact is especially relevant to technical professionals.

Effective communication is an essential for technical professionals

Most technologically intensive industries tend to be complicated and consequently use a lot of jargons and acronyms. Upon arriving in Hartlepool power station. I was personally faced with learning an acronym soup made up of RACW, THACW, MBFP and many others. The way to cut across some of these challenges is effective communication using tools like 3-way communications or the phonetic alphabet.

During the webinar I will cover similar tools that can be used when presenting information to larger groups of people and how to cut across jargon and arcane technical terms.

Speaking with impact will make you stand out

Let’s face it, most scientists and engineers are unfortunately not always great when it comes to public speaking and presenting. I personally had fabulous colleagues who were subject matter experts but didn’t know how to explain their work to a non-technical audience. Yet not being explain to explain one’s work clearly and succinctly can led to being passed over for promotion. Even pure technical specialists must be able to explain why their field is important, or why their technology is better than another one and should be prioritised for further development or receive extra funding.

As the world becomes ever more specialised, being able to explain a complex subject simply and why it matters; will make you stand out and get others to pay attention to what you have to say.

Speaking with impact requires a framework

The webinar will teach you a framework that you can use anytime you’ll need to deliver a speech or presentation. You’ll be able to use this framework on the go and leverage your subject-matter expertise and knowledge to deliver a clear and easy to understand message. Some of the tools this framework will cover are:

  • The ‘Why, What and How’ of preparing any speech or presentation
  • Why ‘less is more’ to maximise one’s impact
  • Techniques to simplify complex information

Want to learn more? Register your place here and come and dial in at 11h30 GMT tomorrow

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