Speakers and Leaders must learn to leverage their strengths

Leverage is pwoerful

The secret sauce in the very successful Toastmasters formula is peer to peer evaluations. Evaluations are structured oral and verbal feedback that members give to each other after delivering a speech. The structure will typically cover what the person did well as well as areas for improvements. However, the power of leverage that they provide … Read more

Poor uses and abuses of PowerPoint

It is only when I started my University degree in Chemistry that I was introduced to PowerPoint. I even remember booking a course on the University’s training programme to learn how to use it. Since then, I’ve seen PowerPoint used in all kinds of situations and most of the time the software was used very … Read more

Public Speaking & Project Management

I will be presenting my keynote Public Speaking Demystified at the Future PMO Conference on October 17th in Hammersmith. My own experience of Project Management is mainly indirect in the sense that I while I have never been a project manager ‘per se’. A lot of my past corporate roles and executive leadership responsibilities contained … Read more