So you want to become a great speaker?

“Over 90% of people aren’t serious about developing themselves.” This is what a past World Champion of Public Speaking said to me in passing some months ago. This remark may seem negative but I think its entirely true. I have often seen aspiring speakers in Toastmasters who had high goals and aspirations but never lived … Read more

Speakers and Leaders must learn to leverage their strengths

Leverage is pwoerful

The secret sauce in the very successful Toastmasters formula is peer to peer evaluations. Evaluations are structured oral and verbal feedback that members give to each other after delivering a speech. The structure will typically cover what the person did well as well as areas for improvements. However, the power of leverage that they provide … Read more

What’s your objective when you speak?

During the hundreds of Toastmasters meetings, I’ve attended since joining in 2013, I’ve witnessed over a thousand speakers delivering speeches on pretty much any topic. Nevertheless, only a minority of speeches stand out in my memory as memorable speeches. Those that do have one powerful characteristic in common, the speaker had crystal clear objectives in … Read more

Effective communication through gamification

Incentives board created by Florian Bay

Leading a volunteer organisation brings many interesting challenges. Chief of which is how to engage others with initiatives designed to support the wider organisation in meeting its goals. This is where gamification can help leaders in getting buy-in for said initiatives and changes. One of the conclusions of the 3-5 years strategic excellence plan that … Read more