Effective communication through gamification

Leading a volunteer organisation brings many interesting challenges. Chief of which is how to engage others with initiatives designed to support the wider organisation in meeting its goals. This is where gamification can help leaders in getting buy-in for said initiatives and changes.

Incentives board created by Florian BayOne of the conclusions of the 3-5 years strategic excellence plan that I authored for Toastmasters District 91, was the need for integrated communication of all initiatives. We made it happen by creating this monopoly style board of incentives to instantly enable anyone to see what is happening and when! Moreover, the fun and easy to understand aspects of it acts as an extra incentive for members and leaders to work towards achieving goals and milestones. Effective communication through gamification is a powerful tool that leaders can add to their arsenals to rally others around objectives.

Moreover, who said that leadership couldn’t be fun too!

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