When you speak purpose is power

Standing out as a memorable speaker and clear presenter can open new doors to you, and help you establish credibility as a leader in your field. A very effective way to stand out while you speak is to have a clear sense of purpose. Here are a few tips to help you when you next speak in public or present something.

Decide why you’ll speak

This sounds deceptively simple but many speakers don’t ask themselves this simple question. By asking it, you could find out that you actually don’t have to speak at all. Or alternatively, that you don’t have to speak on this subject at this moment in time. Most importantly though, this question will help you think about your audience, what they might be looking for and how to frame your message for maximum impact.

Speak with the end in mind

The endgame of your speech is up to you to decide. However, every impactful speech or presentation has a generic purpose and a specific purpose. There are only four possible generic purposes for any speech or presentations. They are to inform, to entertain, to inspire and to persuade. Where it can get more complicated is that an informative speech may include entertaining elements or appeals to emotions. However, these elements are only here to support the speech’s generic purpose and not to detract from it.

Have an objective

The specific purpose mentioned earlier is the objective of the speech. This objective will be very specific but could be as simple as “After this speech, my audience will know how a nuclear reactor works.” Your objective should be audience-oriented if possible and will be your guiding light as you craft your speech or presentation.

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